SmartDot radiation-protection phone stickers ‘have no effect’

SmartDot radiation-protection phone stickers ‘have no effect’

Stickers supposed to protect users against mobile-phone radiation have no effect, scientists have found.

Energydots says they “counteract the harmful energy emitted by wireless and electronic equipment” to aid sleep, cure headaches and give a clearer mind.

But University of Surrey tests for BBC News found no evidence of any effect.

The Devon-based company told BBC News the stickers were programmed with “scalar energy”, which the scientists’ equipment would be unable to detect.

Energydots markets a range of stickers, including the SmartDot, the SleepDot and even the PetDot.

BBC News bought five SmartDots – a special offer for £55 – and sent them to the university’s 6th Generation Innovation Centre.

Researchers tested 4G mobile phones and wi-fi access points with and without the stickers applied to them. News: BBC

And a spokesman for the lab said: “We could not find any evidence that these products had any effect on frequency or power when used as instructed.”

An Energydots spokeswoman told BBC News: “We state clearly that our products harmonise the fields. “And the way to test this is to assess via biological testing.”

But most scientists say even the higher part of the electromagnetic spectrum that may be used by 5G should not harm humans.

International guidelines limit radio-wave exposure. And within those limits, there are no known consequences for health, the World Health Organization says.